New router, need help changing PBX IP

I had a linksys router die, I bought an identical router to replace it. On the old router the IP address looked like this 10.0.161.XXX. But on the new router the IP addresses are like this 192.168.XXX.XX

I have used these instructions to attempt to fix it. Static IP for Asterisk computer

It shows up in my router as a connected network device, but I can’t ping it, and the webUI does not work. What should I try here?

Assuming that you can restore the previous PBX settings, I recommend changing the new router’s LAN IP address to (or whatever the old router had). There may be other devices on your LAN that have static addresses or otherwise depend on the subnet range.

If you can’t change the address of the new router, please explain (managed by the ISP, managed by an IT guy in a different department, etc.)

If you had to renumber the PBX, and are still having trouble, from a root shell prompt on its console, please post the output of:
ifconfig -a
ip route
and also answer:
Can you ping its own address?
Can you ping the router’s LAN address?
Can you ping
Can you ping
Router model?
OS that the PBX is running e,g, CentOS 7?

The new router, although the same model, I can’t seem to change the IP address range. Its stuck with 192.XXX.XXX.XXX addresses. I did try to ping from the CLI and it was unsuccessful. I bought a Cisco 1921 router and will be reconfiguring it with that.

Thanks foor your help, I will write back once I get my new router and play around with it.

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