New Phones showing Polling details

I just purchased 7 new S505 phones for a customer and when I entered them into the Portal for zero touch config, then go enter their redirect settings, it shows the manufacture date as 2019-12-06 16:08:51 and the last poll was from 2019-12-28 04:26:58 with a poll count of 2 and the last pole from (I have no problem posting that IP as it belongs to china and not me or a customer). Now when I go to the phone itself it shows that its date Created was 2021-01-04. Should I be worried that something with the same mac address(or spoofed mac address) is looking for redirect settings as it has clearly pinged the sangoma redirect servers? While I realize this is over a year ago, its still concerning to me. This is showing for 3 or the 7 phones I just entered. I have never seen this before.

It’s not enough to just spoof the MAC to poll the redirect server, otherwise it would be trivial to hack. The phone has a cert that is used to identify itself to the server.

I would guess that this is some remnant of testing and/or manufacture, but if you want a more definitive answer, open a support ticket under Phones and include the relevant MAC.

Thank you. No reason to open a support ticket and waste peoples time if this isn’t something you think I should be concerned with.

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I’d open a ticket too, if only to give the Sangoma-philes some information to make sure it’s actually safe.

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