New PBX User

Hi Everyone,

This is my first post and I am seeking some help. I’m am completely clueless when it comes to the Administration of our FreePBX system as I am not a VoIP guy so please bear with me. Please also let me know if I posted my question in the wrong forum as well.

How do I change the display on the phones to relfect the new users information? My systems details follow:

Trixbox CE
FreePBX 2.2.1

I think it is done on both the Trixbox and FreePBX side?

That depends on the phones. What kind are they?

I am assuming Linksys but I could be wrong. I know Linksys does that.
You simply get on the user interface of the Linksys phone and go to Regional (I think) and you’ll see Station Name

It’s in one of those tabs and it’s listed as “Station Name”

Go to

for examples of configuring a SIP extension and phone

Phones are Cisco 7910’s

i need help configuring Cisco 7975 phones.
The user interphase here largely differs from that of Linksys SPA922.
Please, Help.

Please do not hijack a existing tread about something for something else, post a new message. It’s the best way to help somebody help you. As the topic New PBX user does not cover problems setting up cisco 7975 phones. so those knowing about those phones will not look at this message to try and help.