New Paging Notification not present on some systems?

I have a few systems that seem identical. All FreePBX distros with paging and some of them do not show the new Notification section in the advanced tab of the outbound route? Any idea what might be happening here? Thanks!

This is a complete, pure guess, but shouldn’t that only show up on Emergency Routes, or at least a route with Emergency CID filled in? It’s an absolute guess, though, so it will probably be something else.

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Not that I can tell. I changed the route to emergency and no Notification option.

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Maybe uninstall paging? I tried to downloadinstall and it keeps it at but no change to the advanced tab

I ended up removing restapps, endpoint, pagepro which then allowed me to remove paging. I then installed paging and the notification appeared. Just in case this can help anyone else who runs into the same issue.

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