New 'Modules' section almost finished

Greg has been putting in some long hours and has come up with the new ‘Modules’ look. It’s significantly nicer than the old one, and it’s a two-stage process, too - you actually get to see the modules downloading, rather than your web browsers page just locking up for a period of time and you not knowing if it’s going to work or not.

You should be able to click on this to get a good view of what the new module page looks like.

New FreePBX Online Modules page

In I18n news, a he_IL translation went in yesterday, so we’ve now got a Right-to-Left script, and it seems to work too (albiet, it does look like chicken scratchings to me, but I am assured that it actually looks correct to someone who can read Hebrew!). Any other translations are welcome! If you do want to translate, please get in touch with me (on IRC, or via e-mail) and I’ll help set you up ready to go.

The 2.2b1 release is getting close! Just so you know we’re not slacking off, you can have a look at the timeline to see what’s been happening in the past few days. I’m doing my best this week to get 2.2b1 ready to get out the door, and we’ll go back to the old AMP way of doing things, kinda, by there being two releases. One with all the modules bundled with it, and one without. This is because there are quite a few people who (quite reasonably) don’t have their FreePBX machine visible to the internet, and they find that downloading and installing modules is quite difficult. Also, the Zork module can be a bit hard to download, as it is reasonably large.

In associated matters, my wife mentioned to me yesterday that our expenditures are exceeding our income. I’m not an accountant, but even I know that this is pretty much always a bad thing. Maybe you could help by throwing $10 or $20 into the pot by clicking on the Donate button over there on the left. If you don’t, Jade will get angry!