New Mirror Provider?

We are Westman Communications Group, AS19016. We offer Voice, Internet, and TV services to businesses and residences. We are interested in becoming a mirror of FreePBX. We currently offer a mirror for Fedora and CentOS and would like to add FreePBX to our mirror set.

We are deploying FreePBX systems at select business customers. We would like to have close access to the FreePBX files, as this would simplify hardware prep prior to deployment to customers. A side benefit of this is to offer the community a FreePBX mirror on a very good internet connection.

If the FreePBX organization is interested in pursuing this, you may private message or reply to the forum.



Thanks for the offer, our current mirror partners have been actively involved with the project for years, a quick look at your user name shows you are relatively new around here, due the massive amounts of downloads we currently only add mirrors that have made a serious commitment to the project.

If you are deploying FreePBX systems you can give back to the project in many ways such as help with documentation, bug tickets, feature request or just helping users on the forums and IRC.

(Note I have removed your commercial links and personal email, as we don’t allow those on the forum)