New Menu Layout Questions

Okay, so I love FreePBX and many thanks to those who work hard on development. I do have to comment on the new menus layout though. THIS SUCKS A$$!

It’s the most God awful layout, things are too hard to find. The goal of a GUI should be to make everything as directly accessible as possible. You should never completely change a layout either. Small subtle changes over time are a much better way to get to a new layout.

Is there any way to change it back???

I guess I was not around at the time to provide feedback. Please try to see things from this pov. You just sold you client a fancy new phone system and spent 8hours on a full day of training. You run an update and now you look like a jerk because you just charged your client for all this training on a system that does not look like their system at all.

To be honest I don’t think the new interface looks the least bit professional. It’s fallen victim to the “Web 2.TooShiny” fad. It’s an interface for a somewhat sophisticated program but it looks like the latest social media site.

Putting everything under one menu button does not change the feel of it and only ads more work to a build.

If you’re going to change something this far in to development you need to find a way to make everyone happy. Perhaps the way to accomplish this would be to make an easily themeable framework. Perhaps shipping with the new theme and the old as a starting point.

I have donated to the project many times in the past but unless this is fixed I’m afraid I will not be contributing further.

sorry you don’t like it.

We put it out for review and allowed months of time for feedback on it. The response was actually much more positive then we had anticipated since there is always issues when things are changed on people. At the time we even proposed our willingness to provide a second view which was more like the old had the feedback indicated that was desirable.

If you look back through the main blog you will see multiple discussions on this. You will also find some information looking through there on how you can configure /etc/asterisk/freepbx_menu.conf to completely change the top menu categories, what get’s put where and bring as many commonly used items to a single top level button. Hopefully that might help you configure something better suited for you.

Please refer back to the blog site as there are not that many to read through and you should be able to find the blogs that discuss this, or have a look at the sample file and play with it. Note that you will have to enable this in Advanced Settings.