New look for FreePBX 2.2

As anyone who’s been watching the timeine would know, Greg has recently done a very impressive re-write of the front end of freePBX, and it looks VERY impressive. We’ve also done a lot of changes to the way the online module repository works, making it a lot more seamless, and we’ve also now got two seperate machines acting as - that’s where you download the module updates from.

Steve Fischer, of Fischer Design , came up with a great new look and put together a layout guide that Greg spent a good couple of weeks slaving over, and came up with this:

New look for FreePBX

Feedback so far has been pretty much ‘Wow! That’s Great!’. Our UI was starting to look a bit dated, so this has been a much appreciated facelift. Thanks, Greg!

We’ve also purchased our first set of sounds from Allison Smith, who as usual, did a very impressive and professional job and sent us back some great sound files. They’re currently in misc in SVN, and the contents of the files are available in this txt file. The recordings are released under the CC-BY-SA licence, so feel free to use them in your own projects.

This weekend I’m on bug duty. I’m going to go through as much of FreePBX as I can, do my best to make sure there are no bugs (and fix any that I find) and actually release 2.2beta2! We’ve decided on a timeline that should be achieveable, assuming nothing tramatic happens.

As part of my testing, I’m going to try upgrading various trixboxes as well (My VMware is ready to go 8) to make sure that nothing breaks, which will keep Fonality happy - albeit, I haven’t seen my pinball machine yet!

Anyway, time for me to get back to the salt mines, and start slaving.