New Log seems great but tiny text on laptop

My thoughts on log in general:
I would like an option to adjust the font as it is too small for me and, I am sure, many others.
Also, red text is always the hardest to read and small red text is impossible.

It also seems not to remember the header settings. I prefer underlining default to off.

But new features are interesting and likely a good step forward.


Not a FreePBX problem, (or Asterisk or anything on your PBX :wink: )

font size as seen by @JessicaRabbit is always @JessicaRabbit’s browser session setting, (which can only be controlled by @JessicaRabbit ) , when @JessicaRabbit presses CTRL-+ and CTRL-- or perhaps CTRL (mouse wheel) @JessicaRabbit might see stuff changing on her screen.

(This advice might only apply to @JessicaRabbit :slight_smile: )

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Actually that works reasonably well. I am used to that technique enlarging the entire screen so that one needs to scroll back and forth to see everything. In this case, some smart design locks the frame and only expands the contents. I have never see that else where so I didn’t think to try it.

Of course, one then has to reverse the browser adjustment to view other pages so a permanent font setting would still be useful. Thanks for the tip.

(still suggest saving the header settings)

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