New Java (8 update 25) Breaks iSymphony 2.8

Our company has found the new Java 8 update 25 will cause iSymphony to not load. We have experienced this with 5 users today alone. Had to roll back to 7.71 to fix. If anyone finds out why please post, otherwise hopefully this will keep you from having the same issue. Thanks.

Java once again broke JNLP which V2 of iSymphony uses. I suggest upgrading to iSymphony V3 which is all browser based no more java.

From Michael Yara over at i9:

A Fairly simple fix for the problem, but I agree with Tony - Version 3 is FAR easier to maintain than 2 unless you have complex security requirements (who can and can’t do what) - if your requirements are extensive, you should probably wait for 3.1 which Mike tells me they are getting close on.


Thanks for the info on the fix… I would love to upgrade to 3 but having to purchase licenses for 3 servers (1 HA setup with tertiary backup) make it cost prohibitive for now.