New isp help

hi, i have a new isp and wondered if there was a process to handle this change.

i currently still have both isps, the old one will be disconnected in a couple of weeks. the default gateway address on both routers is the same. when i try to plug the network cable from the freepbx server into the new router, i get several problems. as soon as i plug the network cable back into the original router it starts working again.

the main problem i have after connecting to new router is connecting via browser to the server. it lets me connect after restart but then won’t connect again after a while.
it won’t let me update modules.
when i click detect network settings (in sip settings) it times out.

please can someone give some advice on how best to handle this migration to new router.

It sounds like the new router has different internal network settings. Easiest would be to change the router to use the same Local IP address and Subnet but if not you will need to update the network settings in FreePBX. Auto detect in SIP settings will only update for the purposes of NAT etc. it doesn’t change the actual network settings of the NIC.

thanks for your reply. as stated in original post both routers have the same ip address any idea where i can find to change/update network settings?

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