New Installation, Two Questions

I just installed my first FreePBX / Incredible PBX system with a Google Voice account, and so far everything is working just fine. I have to say, kudos to all involved, it was very pleasant to setup and start working with.

I am just using this at home, so there are two things I would like to set up, if possible.

  1. 7 digit dialing. Is there any way I can have all out going google voice calls add my area code to them, if not already present? I am fairly certain this can be done with dialing rules, but not really sure to to attack it.

  2. The “Thank you for calling, let me locate someone…” message on incoming calls. Since this is at home, and I will have all extensions use 701, I’d just as soon skip the message and just have phone start ringing. Again, not sure how to attack that.


I figured out #2 (go directly to extension 701). I changed the destination for the gvoice-in inbound route to an extension, rather than day night mode.

I thought I was on the trail of #1 (7 digit dialing) and I added a “dialed number manipulation rule” to the gvoice trunk (which is assigned to the default, Google Voice and TollFree outbound routes) of 616+NXXXXXX. However, 7 digit dialing still errors while 10 digit dialing works fine.

Anyone able to give me a hand getting the 7 digit dialing rule on the Goole Voice outbound?


Works like this -

If the number dialed matches the dialing pattern you’ve defined in the outbound route…eg; NZX-XXXX, the system will upon that successful match, add the prepended digits you’ve indicated to add…in the prepend box. Say you want to dial 212-525-4545, but only want to dial 525-4545 and have asterisk add the area code…just follow the example above. That will work. It has nothing to do with your provider as this happens before the dialed number is sent to the trunk.

It may be that your dial plan on the phones isn’t allowing you to use 7-digit dial - and that you have make changes to the dial plan there. Have you checked that yet?

Bingo, that was the problem. I had no outbound route setup with a NXXXXXX pattern. Add said pattern to my default and google voice outbound routes and we’re gold.

Not only did you help me solve it, my understanding of the whole setup just tripled :).