New installation trouble

I have downloaded the FreePBX distro from the site and I burned that to a disc. When boot the server from the disc it goes through initial part with no problem. When it gets to the part where it is looking for cent0S it stops and i get a message that tells me the disc doesn’t contain the O.S. I am supposed to download the O.S. separately from the FreePBX distro? If so i have not been able to find the version it is requesting which 1.5.5. The only version i have found so far is 1.5.6 and it will not accept that version. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

i meant CentOS version 5.5 not 1.5.5…sorry

Hi Koncreat

Download and burn a disc from this site Select the top option FreePBX Distro.
The distro has the centos os and freepbx system all in one package.

Or you could buy a online freepbx server from Its only $15 per month for a full server with full ssh access and a public ip. The cost will cover your monthly bill for having a freepbx server running 25 hours at home. Using rentpbx you can keep your server on at all times. Oh they take care of the installation and backups for you.

Hope this helps.

That is what i have downloaded and burned to disc but when the install gets to the point it needs to CentOS it stops and gives me the message that the disc doesn’t include the CentOS. Since the download is only 18.7MB i didn’t think it did but i don’t see any other option download other than the upgrade.

The computer that you install the distro on must have an Internet connection.

That did it thanks