New Installation from Distro SNG7-FPBX-64bit-1712-2.iso Hangs

I have tried to install a new installation from iso a couple of times in recent months, but gave up, because each time the install seemed to hang.
It “hangs” on 584/662 (installing Freepbx).

I just snapshotted an existing Virtual and and copied it. Then made the changes after. (P.s. Running on Xen at a datacentre.)

After reading some posts here, I see that it is downloading rpms.
I decided to try once more and leave it running.

Well it has been running now for 24 hours and is still “hung”. It has an IP from DHCP, and I can see inbound network traffic to the Virtual. Traffic is hovering around 10kbps occasionally bursting to 50Kbps.

I will let this one run for another 24 hours, In the meantime I have snap-shotted a previous build. (This is what happens when you get bored on Boxing Day)

Might try another VM with no network interface. Then add the interface after the build.

Guys - I think this is an issue that needs addressing.

A followup
I created a VM without a network interface.
The Iso installed without issue in 1hour 15 minutes.
(1 Virtual CPU /2G ram)

Then I added the network and it works fine.

Funnily enough yum update does not want to update anything
So what are the rpm updates that the distro is trying to download in the “normal” installation ?

where are you from? I am from china, sometimes, I face this problem.

Interesting what you are saying, the devs keep on saying here that the machine needs network during installation.

This was changed recently.

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More on the first VM I created. The one with the network.
It is still “hung” after 48 hours. Network still downloading something.
Blipping to 50KBps every now and then.

I have turned it off now.

Anyway, we know the solution. Don’t have network available during Distro installation.

Currently having the same problem (with & without network).

Instaling freepbx (584/662)

Usually it takes a while on that stage… 10+ minutes