New installation / eth0 not brought-up during boot

New FreePBX user, old UNIX (FreeBSD) hand.

I installled from the latest distro/amd64, and eth0 is not brought-up during boot.

I can easily grab an IP address with “dhclient eth0” after boot.

I googled and quickly discovered the NetworkManager versus SysV init issues with networking. I confirmed that /etc/sysconfig/ifcfg-eth0 was correct (using DHCP and ONBOOT=“yes”), and still no joy.

When I tried a /etc/init.d/network restart - it fails to bring eth0 up. If I then do a dhclient eth0, or a network start it brings it up. Go figure.

For now, I’ve put /sbin/dhclient eth0 in /etc/rc.local as the first line. This works, but it just seems kludgy.

Thoughts or comments?

FYI - the network devices are dual Intel igb’s.

Remove networkmanager. They are fighting. . .

You need to be in control of your system… dhcpclient is almost always a bad thing on a served

NetworkManager didn’t seem to be installed…

I changed ifcfg-eth0 to use a static IP and everything works.

Looking at the logs, the problem may be a race condition with DHCP and igb0 being ready … who knows.

Now to start trying to understand all of these FreePBX knobs… :wink:

It is up to you to arrange SysV init’s to start up in the order you want S00* before S01* etc.

Using FreeBSD will be a real challenge getting it all working unless you understand the OS very well and it’s variance from the more normal FreePBX CentOS. Many parts of FreePBX “used to” assume a CentOS platform, so bear that in mind, hopefully it now works fully OS agnostic.

Yes - we’ll stick with CentOS as much as we dislike supporting multiple OS’s. My understanding is that there is no support available for FreeBSD hosted FreePBX. We’ll want support once this passes the tinkering phase.