New installation-backup restore

I am a freepbx and linux newbie. I did have a working machine under, but my upgrade failed. The freepbx group said the upgrade failed because of a bad bios. I upgrade my dell t105 machine x64bit, with 8gb of ram to most current at 1.4.4. Can i check to see if this is compatible with the new sng7? Im considering doing a completely new install of the system so i can be up and running again. Is there a way to che k?

Also i am considering hiring the freepbx team to access and see if they can recover the existing system as well, but they would have to access via ssh. Does a full backup include everything, voicemail, ivr and all settings?

Where and how do i find all the ivr, voicemail, settings in freepbx and copy off before reinstalling system? Can someone help me with the copy commands in linux so i move the right files off to another disk?

Let me know your thoughts. Thanks in advance. I do wish i would not have to destroy my existing system but its been weeks and i do not have it up as of yet and need my phone system.