New Install - Won't Remember Root Password

Hi, Trying to install FreePBX on a Virtualbox VM that is running on Linux Mint. All install steps seems to proceed as they should. After initial install it asks me to set the root password. I click “done”, then it completes the install. Says install complete and to reboot. I click “reboot” and it reboots, then it reverts back to saying the root password is not set and to reset it. I reset it again, let the install complete, then rebooted again, and its still asking me to set the root password. Any ideas?

Looks like you were looping back to the installation process. Before rebooting (or after if you have quick fingers) remove the ISO drive from the VM. After the restart it should boot up from the disk.

Thanks. I hit F12 on a reboot and told the VM to boot from the IDE controller and it booted. I got the Linux 7 prompt and it accepted the root password I set and I’m activating the system now.

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