New Install v2.10 No more help/tip pop-ups in gui?

I’m familiar with Freepbx 2.8 AND 2.9. Excited to give the new version a try. However, the help or tips that used to pop-up when pointer hovered over a setting are no longer present. This makes it really hard for mid-grade tinkers like myself to explore settings. Is the absence of tips intentional?
Is there any method of enabling them, so users don’t need to google every other line?
Thanks for any feedback!

Sorry devs!
This function is now triggered by hovering over a barely visible question mark to the right of the setting. It was there all along :slight_smile:

I agree that the new icon for the tool tips is a step back. They are very hard to distinguish. When the tool tip icon is on a light blue background it is even harder to see.

Is it possible to change the color scheme? If not, is that a feature that can be incorporated at a later time?