New install - tried restore - but how to start over?

Hi -

Just installed latest disto - Stable-6.12.65

Then purchased a few hundred $$ worth of commercial modules (I’ve been stable on a different machine… time to go big) Take advantage of the sale :slight_smile: If this works, have my eye on appointment reminder and a few others.

Played with it a little while, then got the bright idea backup from my old server with older versions and restore to new server.

Well, lots of errors. My module table is out of whack, etc.

Is there a way to purge my freepbx config and default it to new latest install w/o reinstalling the ISO?


You cannot restore older versions to newer. Especially from 2.11 to 12. Download an ISO that matches the version you have backed up and install, then restore your backup.then run the 12 upgrade tool on it.