New install, something better than SPA942?


I’m getting ready for a full install, the system is AsteriskNOW 1.5 w/FreePBX upgraded to 2.7. Currently I have a few SPA942 in place for testing/building the system. The phones seem to work fine but before I order 20 of them I’d like some opinions. Does anyone know of any limitations they have in a standard office environment? Is there a better Aastra phone at the same price point? Any known incompatibilities?

About the only bad thing I know is that they are (or will shortly be) ‘End of Life’ products replaced by the Cisco 5xx series phones.

I would look at the SPA508G and SPA509G, the 942’s are end of life.

personally I steer clear of the Linksys/Cisco equipment. Aastra has some great phones and the potential with them and the XML apps are great. Polycom are decent quality but not much on the XML app side. You’ll have to look online to compare prices…

I like the idea of XML apps that run off the phone. The Aastra site does have some demo apps ready to go. They’re interesting but not very useful. Do you know of a repository or 3rd party listing for more apps? Ideally I’d be looking for a timeclock punch in/out app. - thanks