New install problems - no voicemail

I have a new install on core 2 duo with sangoma a200 cards with 7 pots line. all users have voicemail working except mine. calls come in and the user leaves message and they are saveed in the directory, however my phone does not show the voicemail flag. nore when I dial *98 or *97 does it say I have messages.

also when I go to recordings screen for my extention it shows nothing.

Can anyone offer some sugestions. I did delete and recreate my extention but that did nothing.

on a different topic. why do lines sometimes not hang up. they are pots lines and sometimes when a caller hangs up while in the ivr the line stays open and ends up ringing my timeout extenion .

thanks rob

Ok, this problem was really bugging me so I spent more time lurking in the depths of FreePBX and asterisk.

Don’t know why but the permissions for my extension and two others on the /var/spool/asterisk/default were set incorectly. Once I changed those settings to reflect the what the other extensions were set to all was well.

Does anyone know why the permissions would not get set the same? And should there not be a tool that could scan the various directories to ensure that permissions are what they need to be.

I’m still chasing down why some lines do not hang up.


if you type “amportal chown” without the quotes at the linux prompt it should reset the permissions for you.

As for lines not hanging up I’d double check with Sangoma they provide free support for their cards. But most setups are configured for US telco and if you are in a different setup that can be the cause. Each country and some telco’s implement signaling slightly different so it needs to adjusted to match.

Thanks for the info. I will try that on this machine and see what happens. It may answer my other post that I just left.

Sorry, I didn’t see this one before I left my last post.