New install of SNG7-PBX-64bit-1805-1, file size is too large uploading MoH?

Clean install of SNG7-PBX-64bit-1805-1 - when I try to upload a 4-5MB MP3 to music on hold, I get told:

File size is too large. Max size is 2097152 bytes

On previous distros I haven’t had this? I have run all updates and it persists.

Sounds like the PHP upload limit is set to that. Needs to be adjusted. Is this a Distro install?

Yes, it is. I’ve changed the upload limit - it seems odd this would be set at 2MB by default on a distro install.

I don’t think the upload limit is touched once PHP is installed, but 2M for a single hold music song in a reasonable format should handle just about any song you want to use. With single channel, low-bandwidth music, you should be able to store a 30 minutes song in 2M.

While I get your point, if I have to convert the file I want to upload myself, what is the point in FreePBX offering any conversion process itself?

From a usability point of view, being able to just upload a file I already have and have it work is nice and convenient.

Is this doable from the GUI, or only command line?

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