New Install of 4.221.64-7 local monitor hangs


Just installed (new) 4.221.64-7 ISO.

On the local computer monitor it says

waiting for internet access
please wait wile we install freepbx gui
this will take anywhere from 5-10 minuets
. enabling asterisk modules
. loading all freepbx modules

and it never comes off of that so there is no access to the local monitor.

If i ssh in all seems OK
if I use the GUI all seems OK

I am very new to this, any help appreciated.


any sugestions please

I would try to reinstall. What kind of hardware are you running?

there was a later version of the distro, I tried this and all seemed OK

That’s a little bit strange because the very latest (actually) is indeed (as you wrote) FreePBX Distro 4.211.64-7 (see ISOs here).

Once downloaded, better for you to check your downloaded ISO file MD5 Sum with the one provided as reference on the same page (for the relevant ISO image file you downloaded).

Then, once you burnt your ISO into a CD-Rom disk, better to perform a Media Check (during the FreePBX Distro installation you should be able to accept a Media Check as a normal CentOS installation procedure).

The steps above aren’t mandatory but why not double check before proceeding with the real installation?