New Install Guide for Asterisk and FreePBX on Ubuntu 6.06 LTS

I just upgrade my 1.06 asterisk box at work to 1.2.24 and decided to use FreePBX for administration instead of doing the config by hand.

I started with a fresh load of Ubuntu Server 6.06 but the documentation for Ubuntu 6.06 on this site had some bad or outdated information in it. The main problem had to do with the zaptel udev file and setting permissions for the asterisk user. I have written a new guide for installation that can be downloaded from

It’s in OpenOffice format and if an admin would like to add it to the installation documentation portion of this site, please feel free to do so or just instruct me on how.

I’m about to do my first install of FreePBX on Ubuntu and have read how full of holes the current how to is…but I was just going to brute my way through it and count on my experience in Ubuntu/Debian to get me through. One question though…is there any reason why you installed on 6.06 and not 7.04?

I’ll let you know how things turn out…thanks again!

Ubuntu has promised to maintain 6.06 for five years from its release, which is why many admins choose it in preference to the shorter-lifespan semi-annual releases.

David Mitchell

Since I am not a convert to OpenOffice (and don’t plan to be for some time) can someone please convert this file to a more “universal” format, such as .doc? As much as it might pain someone running Linux to ever do such a thing, there are people out there who don’t run the free stuff yet…

universal" format, such as .doc? Not so .doc is MS with the macro virus

PDF is “universal” and safer than .odt or .doc


Well, then .pdf. I was referring to it as “universal” because, hands down, the majority of PC users out there have some form of Word installed on their Windows-based PC. Not nearly as many people have installed. And not nearly as many have Adobe Reader installed either, for that matter.

Bottom line: WordPad will open a .doc file (with some complaints about formatting, but it’s readable) even if Word isn’t installed. .pdf files have no such default installed in Windows.

I had converted it to PDF right away for myself and was going to post, but didn’t want to offend anyone. OO is a great product, you should look into running it on at least one machine. And I would have to disagree with your comment of more people running Office than Acrobat Reader…the AR is free, MSOffice is…well, a Microsoft Product…$$$. In any event…here is the PDF: AsteriskAndFreePBX_Ubuntu_6.06.pdf

On a side note, I did have a few issues with this install on Server 7.04 (I don’t really care about life span)…but it mainly boiled down to the version of Zaptel and Asterisk that I downloaded. I ended up having to download and compile the latest SVN branches of Zaptel and Asterisk 1.2 and that cleared up the problems. Then again, this WAS my first install of Asterisk and I could have done something really stupid along the way (never count out human error ; ). Other than that, this document was infinitely helpful. Thanks dhwebb!