New install FreePBX Framework downgrade?

Hello Everyone,

I just installed the latest FreePBX, activated my PBXact license and removed oembranding which seems to get me in and working with everything…However I am receiving an error in the module admin that there is a vulernability in the FreePBX framework and I need to upgrade to, however the only option is to “Force Downgrade to”

Has anyone else had this issue, or does anyone have any insight into what might be causing it?

Thanks in advance!

Best Regards,

Chris W.

fwconsole ma upgrade framework --edge

I gave that a shot earlier, I get:

“framework is newer than online version, unable to upgrade”

Kinda starting to chalk it up to FreePBX 15 just isn’t ready for pbxact yet ;).

Correct. Do not upgrade PBXact to 15. Since it’s a new install, reinstall with 14.

Everything is just fine with a standard fpbx 14 install.