New install for FreePBX on Asterisk 1.4.2 on Debian

Hi All,
I just inherited a brand new Asterisk 1.4.2 PBX system on Debian. After spending the last few weeks trying to understand all the config files and how they work, I realized I needed a some type of web based management system. FreePBX looks like the obvious choice. I have been reading through all of the docs out there for installing FreePBX on a Debian box, but, everything I have seen has been a little dated. What I am wondering is if there are any problems or items I need to look out for with the latest version of FreePBX and Asterisk 1.4.2. Anyone’s experience or advice on how to retrofit an exsisting running Asterisk 1.4.2 with FreePBX would be very helpful. Let me know if I can provide any additional information.