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(ma_krneki) #1

Hi im new in freePBX and i have a big problem. i cant get incoming calls, i just get INVITE, my server dosent respond with trying. i have ISP provider who gave me SIP trunk.

i can ping their BSC server ip.

my trunk.
nat=no////// do i need to change it to yes

eth0 = my local ip ( and PBX static IP
eth1 = staci ip from host ( is in bridge port in ISP modem via dev eth1 this made eth1 ping their BCS server but i all the time in asteriks report tab unable to reach the host ip and i dont know why !


Hi @bsimenc

I think you can tell us who you are trying to connect to.
it may help things along.

it is going to be the details in your trunk setting most likely.
find a working template if you have not already.

Quite possible. give it a go, it wont break it I don’t think.



You seem to have a lot of Unknown Peer and unknown port 5060.

this is odd,
I am not sure what part is what.!

Got a call from the sip trunk but it is unknown.
Check the config for some errors.
DROP THE :5060 from the end of the IP.
This the default anyway.

This may tie in with the port disallowed :5060.
It sounds like from their website they prefer you to use their phone as I could not find any easy to follow setup assistance, so you may find the port is different or they have clever stuff detecting the “endpoint”. But if you can call the number and the call is attempted then it can only be some minor tweaking before you get a result.

Sorry I am not able to pinpoint the issue.
But happy to try and work thru it until someone drops in with THE answer…

Have a look at the Sip Chan and Registration status in Asterisk Info page.


(ma_krneki) #6

i have found one solution but i can ride id down in cli
system-config-network ok
eth0 my LAN network in eth1 my public ip ok
whithout default gateway ok

i recive incoming calls normaly im very weak in linux please help in this:

i cant open this file : /etc/sysconfig/network that i can write this


vi /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/route-eth1

eth1 is connected to my isp modem and i need to write this: but i dont know how to write this down via dev eth1

(Dave Burgess) #7

You understand that this allows anyone on the Internet to place calls to anywhere in the world through your phone system, right?

@dicko has a $10000 horror story that starts out something like this.


Something wrong in your trunk config.

You need to find the correct settings for your provider.