New GUI setting for Flyout (r-nav) menu on right

How does one set the Flyout (r-nav) menu on right to be collapsed by default on FreePBX 16?

My gear icon says “Keep Nav Bar Expanded” and doesn’t change when I click on it.

New GUI setting for Flyout (r-nav) menu on right - FreePBX / Tips and Tricks - FreePBX Community Forums

Working as expected for me. It sounds like this might be a browser cache issue, do you see the same when testing with another browser, or when incognito?

The implementation of this option is very unintuitive:

  1. The gear icon menu item never changes from “Keep Nav Bar Expanded”.

  2. There is no checkmark or anything to show its current state.

  3. The pop-up hint always says “Nav. Bar is shown by default or not.”

Doesn’t this option belong in Settings -> Advanced Settings with an associated KEYWORD for “fwconsole setting KEYWORD 0/1”?

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