New Generic SIP device template?

Hello and first of all, sorry if I am posting to the wrong section of the forum - it’s my first post and I still have to find my ways around here. :slight_smile:

The question I wanted to ask you guys is the following: Every time I create a new extension for a generic SIP device, I have to fill in the details in the form, and then click submit, and then go back to the extension configuration and set NAT to no under the “Device Options” section.
Is there a way to setup a Generic SIP Device template, so that I don’t have to go back and edit that setting on every extension I create?

I am now using trixbox

I tried submitting this question to the trixbox forum, but they suggested to post it here, since trixbox relies on FreePBX for the SIP devices management.



Try to use Bulk extensions

Actually, the Bulk Extensions is now a supported module, available for download in FreePBX directly.

The above link is for an old version of Bulk Extension.

As of FreePBX 2.9 (currently in beta) there are now in Advanced Settings a template for this.

Oh, I now see that you are using trixbox, they have “forked” FreePBX and made changes to it that we are unaware of.

My advice, if it a small system, scrap it and install a decent distro like PBX in a Flash, Fonicaproject, AsteriskNOW or Elastix.