New FreePBX server weird issue behind VPN


I have a new freepbbx on virtual machine for a small environment. 13 phones, 24 intercoms. we have used Freepbx for 10 years and now we need the new version in prod. the env is a closed bubble, only calls internally allowed, so very simple setup.

We cannot connect to the GUI from behind our fortinet firewall. I looked on the internet and I see some issues with connecting to the GUI behind a firewall, nothing match what I see on my end.

First, I can connect to the GUI if the freepbx firewall is disable. Once I enable the firewall I can ping the freepbx but no other ports are passing. I added all networks in connectivity/firewall … if internally the network is not on freepbx I can’t connect. If I add the network I can connect no problem, but not from VPN.

What can I do on the freepbx to get access from behind a VPN to manage the freepbx GUI ?

Thank you very much


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