New FreePBX installation, Missing or unreadable config file (/etc/amportal.conf)

CentOS 5.1
Asterisk 1.4
FreePBX 2.8.0

I try to install * and freePBX
Asterisk strarts fine, no errors. When I connect to / of my server i get freePBX index page where I can go to:

Voicemail and get “PHP PEAR must be installed. Visit for help with installation.”, but i am sure it is installed!

Flash panel - loading only head of panel and nothing happened

Administration and get “FATAL ERROR Missing or unreadable config file (/etc/amportal.conf)…cannot continue”

I understand something with restrictions, but could not find where! httpd works using asterisk username, asterisk owners all of files i find it should.

Can anyone help?

What steps did you take to install FreePBX ? Feels like you missed one.

there is installation instruction on this site, i take steps regrading freepbx and mysql from there (0ther components i get ready to use). Later repeat from INSTALL, there add only start httpd usind asterisk username.

Well… you might want to check permissions on /etc/amportal.conf in that it needs to be owned by asterisk.

-rw-rwxr-- 1 asterisk asterisk 13271 Aug 11 17:34 /etc/amportal.conf