New freepbx install configuration issues with a softphone

I’m an experienced infrastructure and programmer starting to work with Asterisk/FreePBX. I installed a server using Asterisknow and went to configure an extension to a softphone on my notebook. I’ve tried IAXComm and Yakaphone and can’t get either to connect. I can’t see anything in any of the logs on the server nor can I see anything trying to connect in the freepbx status page. The Yakaphone tries to make a connection (and waits for a timeout) then displays “Reg. Timeout[4444]” where 4444 is the extension I was setting up.

The problem is, I’m not sure where I go to troubleshoot this. I know I can reach the box since I’m SSH’d into it from this computer. I don’t have any firewalling turned on this computer.

I’ve configured the freepbx using this guide:

Anyone have a better guide or advice on troubleshooting the connection between my computer and the asterisk server?


Did you try Zoiper or X-Lite softphones? Also, make sure that DNS is working on the PBX. A good source of info is

Thanks, I’ll look at those softphones as well. I just need something to work for testing until I get my hardsets.

After my install, I did restart once but I guess it required a 2nd restart. Once the server was restarted the softphone connected ok. Thanks for the reply!