New FreePBX Distro version track. 1.8xx.210.62

We have just released a new version track of the FreePBX Distro. It is marked as Stable and will be replacing the 1.8xx.210.58 release track.

The track is 1.8xx.210.62 and it is composed of

Asterisk 1.8
Centos 6.2
FreePBX 2.10

At this time there is no way to upgrade a 1.8xx.210.58 release track to 1.8xx.210.62 release track since Centos and Redhat have provided no migration path between el5 and el6 and recommend doing a reinstall.

We will keep providing asterisk updates for the 1.8xx.210.58 release track only but recommend moving forward you use the new 1.8xx.210.62 release track.

We will provide upgrade scripts for this track and you can follow the upgrade scripts at