New FreePBX Distro Site

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to post a quick message here to let everyone know that we have given the FreePBX Distro site a much needed overhaul. We had received a lot of comments on the old site and took them all into consideration with the new layout.

You will now notice the FreePBX Distro download options displayed predominantly on the site. We have also added much more information on the Pro modules including explanations, Screen Shots and Pricing. Support information as well as support contract information is now very easy to find.

We still have a little work left to do and will be adding information on the FreePBX Appliance in the next few weeks.

As always you can view the site here:

I welcome your feedback!

Great work TJ…I know everyone will think this is an insider comment, however it is well deserved. Your team did a great job.

Can you also remove the BETA designation that appears when you first run the installer? It seems odd that the version presented as the stable release on the web page indicates that it is Beta when you first boot off of the iso.