New FreePBX 60 Dual Nic Config

Didn’t see a specific category for the FreePBX-60 appliance using dual NICs, so I apologize if it’s misplaced.

I have a new FreePBX-60 appliance with the preinstalled Distro and configured extensions, trunks and other core features without issue using the native lan (x.x.150.0/24). The plan was to enable the second NIC (eth1) to support voice on a separate subnet (x.x.5.0/24). To support this, I have configured a small 16port switch using 802.1Q VLAN tagging the appropriate ports for access and the devices on that subnet are working as expected pulling IP’s from the configured DHCP scope on the firewall.

The Sangoma 300 & 500 phones are configured using EPM being auto provisioned using the Sangoma portal. The phones are getting the config, I believe this is due to the ability to access the PBX using the native VLAN as the PBX is aware of the two subnets configured in General SIP Settings (I currently have cross VLAN traffic enabled to allow for testing & support).

I have attempted to make eth1: static as well as DHCP, with and without default GW and from everything I can see the port is UP and enabled with traffic crossing the interface and just dropping traffic.

I looked at iptables and didn’t see anything explicitly excluding the 5.0/24 subnet and actually see the opposite and see the “zone-trusted all – anywhere”, the subnets are included in the whitelist of Intrusion Detection.

I also tried creating a new interface for the specific VLANID=6 in the interfaces GUI and created it on eth2. The file appeared to be created correctly on the OS and when I restarted the network service I get the following errors:

The ifcfg-eth2.6 file:

I am continuing to investigate this, but i am really not sure where to look and any help or pointers would be appreciated.