New FreePBX 14 install crashing every hour after a reboot

We have setup a distro install of FreePBX 14 on a VPS from the official distro. We’ve done this with 12 and 13 with no issues to speak of.

On 14, if we spin it up and leave it alone, it will run for days. However, if we do anything that requires a reboot (like changing the time zone), the system becomes unreachable almost hourly. We can’t see the GUI, we can’t SSH/ping the box, nothing.

We’ve blown it away a few times and started over and the problem persists. The key is always a reboot.

Is there something hourly that 14 is trying to do that 12 & 13 didn’t? The logs we have looked at so far don’t reveal anything.

I am working to get some detailed logs but hoped someone would reveal some random job/process that we might need to check.