New Feature Request - Holidays

It would be very helpfull to have an area where users could speficy holidays and actions to take upon them. For instance:

From 3pm July 3rd, to 9am July 5th, every year: we want to play the ‘July 4’ system recording, then forward to our After-Hours IVR.

I currently setup time conditions, and have them all linked together, but it is a pain for our office staff to handle this kind of setup

Along these same lines, it would also be nice in IVR to have some simple time-conditions setup as well (so that we could play one system recording for the morning, and one for the afternoon, then another for the evening)

Maybe it would work to change the time conditions area so that you could have multiple entries for each time condition. I.e. We create an IVRTimeConditions entry, and in it we say:
if time is from 8am to 12pm daily do xxx,
if time is from 12pm to 5pm daily do xxxx,
if time is from 5:01pm to 8pm daily do xxxxx.
instead of a if / else setup. This would work for holidays as well…

Exactly the kind of workflow encapsulation that makes a nice module - and keeps the timeconditions from looking like a mess.

Can you please post this as a feature request by visiting This is put it in the system so the DEVs can look at including this feature in the upcoming releases


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