New Extensions Rings When Older Extensions Are Being Called

I have a server with asterisk 1.4 Freepbx 2.6 and a PRI card with 11 extensions 201-211.

A few days ago I added 3 more extensions 212-214 with IP Phones and ever since, any incoming call to any of the older extensions (from an external line or an internal extension) triggers a ring in ALL the 3 new extensions and it shows on the screen PICKUP say 204 or 201…

I tried to register new extensions like 234 237 etc…had the same problem.

The funny thing is that I don’t see any trace for that on the log file nor on the Flash Operator Panel when it rings the new extensions.

Those new extensions are not a part of any ring group, follow me NOTHING.

Had anyone experienced such a weird situation? Any advice before I format and reinstall the whole system?