New extension is 'unereachable", though all others work fine

I have a freepbx set up that is running just fine.

I added a new extension that is to be used by a cellphone SIP Phone app. WE ae usign LinPhone.

All is configured and I tested it on my own phone. Works fine.

The peerson installed linphone and we configured it togetjer (over the phone), and when I look at he server under the PEER listing, he is listed and his IP shows that he is connected.

But, the status is : unreachable

I set up his phone the same way that I set up mine.

Ideas as to what might cause the unreachable error?



I am guessing that the phone may be shutting off the network connection when it’s sleeping, the NAT association may be timing out, or a SIP ALG may be interfering with the qualify (OPTIONS) polling.

Does it fail over Wi-Fi, mobile data or both?

Can he make calls ok? If not, what (if anything) is logged when he tries?

If you call the extension a few seconds after he makes an outbound call, does that work?

Does setting a short reg_expires, e.g. 60 in Linphone config help?

Does it stay reachable if Linphone is kept running in foreground and phone is prevented from sleeping?

Have you tried other apps, e.g. CSipSimple or Zoiper?

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