New DPMA Features?

Received this notice on the dashboard this morning:

DPMA support in EPM has been improved in latest release, please use EPM->DPMA Management → Migrate option to migrate to new DPMA functionality. Configured D series phones might go down if we dont follow the migration steps.

This system has existing D series phones.

However when I navigated to DPMA Management there is no Migrate Option

What version of FreePBX? Are you using EPM to manage the phones or the Digium Phones module?


Distro 16.0.33. Really weird, only one of my systems had this message on the dashboard and it was from last night (6am this morning it said 3 hours and change ago…). That’s why I was confused, it looked like the original message back when you guys first merged EPM and DPMA but it was a new message.

Been using EPM with DPMA on this system for well over 2 years at this point and I routinely clear out the dashboard messages.

You can ignore it, it would not apply to a 16 system. It’s intended to display on older fpbx versions that also have the Digium Phones module installed.

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