New Digium firmware breaks Contacts

We just undated a number of our Digium phones from firmware 1_4_2_1_73372 to the latest 2_2_1_8 package.
We are using Digium’s DPMA for configuration.
The Contacts app is now missing the ability to add local contacts from the phone. In V1.4 firmware, there was an Add button, but in V2.2, that button is blank and does nothing when pressed.

I know that this is not necessarily a FreeePBX problem, but unsure if this is a firmware issue, a digium_addons issue or a dpma issue, so starting here…

We pulled that capability from the contacts app when used with DPMA.

The vector under which it could operate was too small to continue. It required:

  • connected to DPMA
  • DPMA with contacts files stored in file_directory and not file_url_prefix (which we don’t recommend)
  • a contacts file with the editable flag turned on
  • only allowed adds (no edits or removals)
  • and is incompatible with where we’re going with the forthcoming release of the Digium Phones Addon for FreePBX and its auto-generation of contacts phonebooks (to speed things up for all users)

That softkey was removed in the firmware release. If you require that functionality you’ll have to stick to something prior to

Thanks for the detailed response…

Looking forward to the new Digium Phones Addon.

It’s out now in Edge [1].

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