New DECT Phones Support EPM Provisioning for VPN?

Does the Sangoma DECT phones support the same VPN features as the rest of the S series phones do in End Point Manager?

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The VPN is not supported on the dect phone.

Boo. However, I think a good work around for our clients particular request would be to pony the DECT base off the S series PC port and still be able to provide them a VPN from the phone and thus the DECT phone as well. Thoughts?

Nope. You can’t piggyback the VPN connection thru the pc port. Even if such a thing were possible, it would be a security issue.

Okay. Got it. So the S series phones only use the VPN for its “SIP” communications to the server it was setup for and the PC port on the phone keeps traffic to the locally connected lan of the phone. Makes perfect sense.

Looking for a portable solution for remote home office clients that don’t really want a desk phone because they are actually sitting by their pool working…


I see your concern. I think you’ll find that client proximity to chlorine does not, strictly speaking, necessitate a VPN. If you are concerned about encryption, perhaps TLS/SRTP will fit the bill. I spent a good bit of time a few months ago testing the DECT TLS, both with and without SRTP and can recommend it.

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That’s the way we will most likely go with those types of remote users.


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We haven’t got any pool-related security concerns but is TLS supported in the Cloud PBX deployments?

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