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Hi All,
I have just finished an customer with 13 extensions, customer want to enable auto answer for internal calls wich i did by enabling intercom under extenstion—> Advance, we also have BLF setup on the yealink phones, im having issues with direct pickup a call is coming from outside and is hitting ring group which is rings some extension when i hit BLF of that extenstion is rining it sends **100 and i get this number can not be dialed, is there anyway we can make this worked.

Thank you for your help

First, find out whether the problem is with FreePBX settings, phone settings, or the Endpoint Manager.

With extension 100 ringing, pick up the phone and dial **100# manually. Does that answer the ringing call?

In settings on an old T26P, the BLF key shows:
Type: BLF
Value: (extension number to monitor)
Line: Line 1
Extension: **

Features -> Call Pickup shows (among other things):
Directed Call Pickup: Enabled
Directed Call Pickup Code: **

When a monitored phone is ringing, does the failing phone display “Calls for Pickup”?

If you have Visual Alert for BLF Pickup and/or Audio Alert for BLF Pickup enabled, do those alerts occur when a monitored phone is ringing?

Hi @Stewart1 thank you for you respond

Yes i have tried manualy when phone ringing called **100# same answer

Yelink T46s shows same

I have check the setings of the phone and direct pickup is enabled

The Visual BLF for call pickup is enabled

Thank you

OK, what happens when you dial **100# when no phones are ringing? My Yealinks show ‘Call Failed’ in the top line, Declined on the main portion of the screen (below where **100 is shown) and three beeps are played.

In FreePBX Feature Code Admin, confirm that ** is the code for Directed Call Pickup, it is enabled, and you don’t have another code that conflicts.

If you still have trouble, post the Asterisk log for a failed pickup attempt.

Yes if i call that number it would failed and I do have enabled Feature Code Directed Call Pickup **

All my extension are set to Internal Auto Answer to Intercom on the Advance Tab

Any other thoughts on this issue i been having
Thank you for your help.

We need the Asterisk log for a failed call pickup attempt.

You keep mentioning Intercom. Do you know or suspect that this is somehow affecting call pickup?

Hi @Stewart1 I just want to give you the mos information i dont know if the intercom makes a different,

can you tell which logs you are looking for thank you.

Make a test call from your mobile and while it is ringing, try to pick it up from another extension. Copy all the data from /var/log/asterisk/full (or by viewing Reports -> Asterisk Logfiles in the GUI) that relates to the failed attempt.

Mask any personal details and paste the result at

Then, paste the link into your reply.

Hi @Stewart1 i have uploaded the logs

please let me know what you think

Thank you.

Hi @Stewart1 I was able to fix it by looking the code i sow that my speed dial code was **10 which interfered with ** after i changed that i was able to pick up thank you

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