New connection between Freepbx System Questions

I have two FreePbx systems connected using IAX2. I can intercom to the different extensions and I have figured out how to use the SIP trunks on one to allow the other to dial out. I haven’t found a way to do the following:

  1. Dial a DID on PBX1 and send the call to an extension @ PBX2
    I have this setup so far:
    PBX1 DID incoming destination = trunk for PBX2
    On PBX2 I have an incoming route with the did number set destination to the extension I want. I get a “your call can’t be completed as dialed”

  2. On an IVR on PBX1 I want to be able to dial an extension on pbx2, pbx3, … When I try this I do to the failover extension of PBX1

  3. I would like to monitor the status of the offsite extensions. Setup a BLF key on a phone @ PBX1 with an extension of pbx2

Can anyone comment or show me where I can find the out how to do these things??

Thanks in advance!

We have several Free Pbx’s and are interested in monitoring BLF on these systems. we are using Yealink 22,28,38’s