New Colour Scheme - FreePBX 15

(Lorne Gaetz) #1

If you update a 15 system from the edge repo, you will see that FreePBX got a bit of a facelift over the weekend:

If you happen to find any oddities with regard to the new colour scheme, please let us know. Best place is in the issue tracker, but a post here should get some attention as well.

(Preston McNair, ClearlyIP CRO) #2

@lgaetz this new color scheme looks familiar… not sure if I can place it…

(Preston McNair, ClearlyIP CRO) #3

(Andy Thompson) #4

Big step backwards in my opinion. At least give the user a choice of new or old theme.


The pre-green stylesheet sources are here:

If you download those and put them in assets/less/freepbx your interface will be blue (I just tried it).

FreePBX will also tell you about tampered files.

What company gives you a choice between new and old theme when they change their branding? (none)

(Avayax) #6

The color has changed, what’s the big deal? I like it.
Make things looks fresh every once in a while.

(John Jarrett) #7

I like it too.
BUT, freedom of choice in one’s user interface, especially when changed after many years, might be a great and simple option in settings. I.E., a theme.
Change for the sake of change can be hard to swallow.