New Class of Service module for FreePBX 2.11 and 12

Official annoucment to come out in the next week or 2 as we get all the collateral and marketing pieces done but for anyone who has always wanted to restrict what extensions can dial inside of FreePBX at a easy level, such as which feature codes, queues, ring groups and other items including which outbound routes a user can use thenew Class of Service (COS) Commercial module is just what you have been looking for.

Currently you can go get a FREE 30 days trial of this new BETA module at the FreePBX Store.  We plan on being out of Beta in the next 2-3 weeks once we get some more feedback and make it part of the FreePBX Eco System.  Pricing has not been 100% finalized for this module after the Beta period but it will be under $100.00 for the module.

Please provide any feedback here that you have after using the module.

If you have never bought a commercial module for FreePBX or registered your PBX with our Portal/Store follow this wiki.

You can also follow this wiki on how to buy the module once you have registered your PBX with our portal

Yes, our awesome developers got ahead of the marketing folks on this one, and had it ready for trials before we had everything lined up, we are hammering out some collateral now, but don’t let that stop you from loading this new module up and putting it through it’s paces.

So it’s kind of like an Extension Routing Pro module.

I like it. Seems to work well.

I can see how this will help with multiple companies on a single PBX.

This is great because it’s what a lot of admins of legacy PBX systems are used to. Systems like Avaya, Ericsson, etc use Class of Service for loads of user restrictions so it’s good to see this area being addressed.