New CDR module - downloading recordings

Is there any way of downloading a recording via the new CDR 2.10 module?

I can listen to the recording within the browser, but there doesnt seem to be a way of actually downloading it!

I do not believe there is a way to do this with the CDR Reports in 2.10…

Schmooze Com makes a commercial module called “Call Recordings”. It allows you to manage the call recordings. You can download the recording. I have the call recording module on a customers system. It works well. Cost is $125.00.

The Call Recordings Report Module is a nice clean way of downloading recordings as it filters only calls with recordings, allows you to download them as well as set archive periods so you can download an archive of all of your calls for a period.

Of course you can use CDR Reports to filter and listen to the recorded calls, you can also log into the USER ARI panel as an administrator and download recordings from there, although the default settings will only show you about 15 calls at a time and does not filter out the calls that are not recorded. If you are only downloading the occasional call this will probably serve your needs, however if you are looking for or downloading calls on a regular basis it’s probably worth your time and money to look at the Pro Module.

You can see more information here:

Send me a PM if you would like to take a look at The Call Recording Reports on a live system.

Thanks for the info
However our client is running centos 5.8, and php 5.2.7

Your software requires php 5.3 & zend guard loader
We cannot upgrade the centos 5.8 box as it breaks lots of other things that use PHP.

Has anyone managed to tweak the CDR to present the call recording download link as it was previously in asterisk-cdr-viewer rather than the embedded player?

I am not against paying for a pro module to give back the functionality but from what I can see the call-recording-reports.php module isnt really what I want.

All I want the users to be able to do is search by dialed phone number and then download the relevant call recording when required. This doesn’t really seem what the call-recordings-reports module is designed for. It seems to be more designed for review by period and to give archiving options. Neither of which we need. I would also be against giving them control of deleting the recordings and such so again that would be a reason not to use it.