New Calls are getting on hold

Hi there, I have a 5.211.65-16 version of Freepbx that from one day to another without any changes made by me at least, its making all the outgoing calls to go on hold.

I tried to update to 5.211.65-17 rebooted and nothing seemed to have changed…

I can post logs of the calls if you want me to, but if someone has an idea of what to look for or what to check it would be great.

EDIT: ok so I did a few test today and this poped out on the call:

[2015-03-10 12:12:23] WARNING[19384][C-0000005d] chan_sip.c: Asked to transmit frame type alaw, while native formats is (g729) read/write = gsm/gsm

Does this mean that I need g729 installed for it to work? Its weird tough becasue a week ago everything was working OK…