New callers jumping to front of queue

We have an issue where the callers are somehow jumping to the front of the queue while waiting for an agent to pick up the call. I’m not sure were to begin or what to look at to resolve this issue. Any thoughts?

A call trace would be handy…

I’m a newbie. Can you tell me how to capture a call trace within Freepbx?

I think this is what he is talking about…
SSH into the pbx, after login, type asterisk -rvvvvv
place a call to the queue
ctrl+c to end the capture
then copy the output to a txt file or paste results here…

I agree. Working on having someone gather the trace during the day when the call volume is higher and can be reproduced. I am part time at night and there is not enough call volume to replicate the issue.

Hello. We are experiencing the same issue. We are on FreePBX 14. Will provide a call log, but dwhitt75 did you resolve this?