New CallerID Managment Module

First a BIG THANKS to the Schmooze team for releasing this new module. I’ve been looking for a simple way of changing outbound CID on the fly and this modules looks to be exactly what I need.

I am running The Latest Beta with all updates, the module installs, but when I click “Other” I get nothing but a blank page. If i try to go to the CID page directly i get a 500 error. Reinstalled the module with the same result. Any ideas? Is it only confirmed working on 2.9 for now?

Nevermind… Though it’s not mentioned in the description It’s a professional Module… It just wasn’t showing up in the store.

No it shows in the module admin it is commercial and is part of the commercial repo not the standard repo. Also it should display when you click on it that it is not licensed.

Are you running the latest .5 version. I think the original .4 had a bug that was fixed the same day we published it.

I see it in the commercial Repo, but there is nothing in the description.

No I have .4, and when i click check for updates, it only shows .4 is available.

Today .5 showed up in the Repo. I’m got a deplyment to do this weekend. I’ll buy the module and Test it then.